1967 - American Insurance Administrators (AIA) was founded to provide group life and health insurance plan to constituents of affinity associations.

1977 - AIA signed The Ohio State University Alumni Association, Inc. as its first client in the alumni marketplace.

1983 - Special Risk Consultants (SRC) was founded to focus on designing and managing insurance and financial products for college students. It served as a resource for the student medical and sports accident coverage for colleges and universities in the mid-Atlantic region.

1993 - Specialty Risk Group International, Inc. (SRG) was founded to focus on the student health insurance needs of small colleges, universities and seminaries. It developed customized programs based on client input, ensuring that students have a plan that best meets their needs.

1998 - AIA joined Bertholon-Rowland Corp. (BR Corp.), an insurance brokerage firm which has specialized in programs for the professional association marketplace since 1956. This merger combined and concentrated the alumni association business of both companies under AIA, as a wholly owned subsidiary of BR Corp., with all alumni operations and business transferred to AIA's headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.

2004 - AIA and BR Corp. were purchased by USI Holdings Corporation. They were amalgamated with three other affinity-based insurance companies to create USI Affinity.

2007 - Goldman, Sachs & Co. acquired USI Holdings Corporation, making it the largest privately-held insurance brokerage in the United States.

2007 - AIA purchased SRG. This acquisition brought expertise of the student health insurance market to AIA and created a unique company – one that could offer products to students and alumni – making colleges, universities and seminaries a resource for a lifetime.

2008 - AIA acquired Special Risk Consultants, which added to its expertise in the student health marketplace.

2008 - Collegiate Insurance Resources is created from AIA, SRG and SRC to better reflect the new business focus of campus-wide services for colleges, universities and seminaries. It is a division of USI Affinity.