When you are considering a student health insurance prgram, you deserve choices, not a shelf product. We'll do the legwork for you by researching multiple carriers to help you design a plan that best meets your needs and the needs of your students. Our plans are customized, tailored, unique.

All of our student medical insurance programs are uniquely designed and never use a boilerplate, generic approach.  Instead, we tailor your program to the specifications that we collectively determine will best serve student needs.

Our unique position, representing the university instead of the insurance company selected to underwrite the risk, has earned us a reputation of honesty and integrity among our clients. We have access to multiple carriers and networks, allowing us to build a better medical insurance plan.

Available Plans

· Student Medical
· International Student Medical
· Study Abroad & International Travel
· Major Medical
· Short Term Medical
· Sports Accident (Basic, Catastrophic, and Self-funded)
· Dental (Insurance and/or Discount Plan)
· Eye Care (Insurance and/or Discount Plan)
· Personal Property